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This blog was orignally posted on the Southern Energy Network's blog. It was written by Simone Domingue, SEN Communications Fellow.

“A Climate of Change” read the headline of the Huffington Post this past Saturday. The article read that a recent Rasmussen poll concluded that 68% of Americans recognize climate change as a “serious problem”. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and after the climate silence controversy, I can’t help but get the sense there is a changing narrative about climate change in this country. Unfortunately it isn’t necessarily an uplifting narrative. The bottom line is people are concerned, they are concerned for their future and that of their children’s. People are beginning to realize the threat that a changing climate means to their livelihood.

So this isn’t the most uplifting way for the climate events of our time to unfold…but maybe there are some things to be learned and applied to our ongoing fight for the climate.

There are a few things we shouldn’t forget in order to ensure a better a future for ourselves, our family, and our world. First, we have to stay informed and stay involved. There are far too many people who would have you believe that caring about issues and exercising your rights to participate in decision making is a futile effort.

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Yesterday, Congressman Gregg Harper addressed members of the Mississippi State University community and during the visit students had the opportunity to ask questions. MSU students Julie Klaskala, Grant Beatty, and Jessica Dealy ask the congressman the tough questions about the climate crisis, voter ID laws, and funding for alternative energies. 

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