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Organization: Energy Action Coalition
Location: Washington, DC, DC

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Over at Energy Action Coalition, we’ve had tremendous fun with bringing together “Storyteller Teams” at big events. What’s a storyteller team, you ask? It’s a grassroots team of people who are dedicated to using the power of social media to share and promote movement stories from a conference or event. We’ve had kick-ass Storyteller Teams at Power Shift ‘13 and the SF Divestment Convergence, and together, these teams have reached and inspired hundreds of thousands of people.

Storyteller Teams don’t just happen on their own - they require some planning and recruiting and training and good old cat herding. Below are 9 tips (or rather, lessons we’ve learned) for recruiting and unleashing completely all-star storyteller teams.

Post by Mary Schellentrager and Joe Solomon, Energy Action Coalition

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Students at AU walked out of classes, held a rally, and marched into a forum with their trustees.





Students at Bowdoin delivered over 1,000 signatures, representing more than half of the student body, to President Barry Mills.




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“Queer: It’s a Coalition Building Word.” – Eli Clare


There are plenty of queer and trans* people in the climate movement.  We are leading organizations, organizing strategic actions, and winning campaigns.  So how come our movement so rarely talks about the intersection of queer, trans*, and climate justice?

That’s the topic of exploration in Queering the Climate Movement, a workshop facilitated by Lauren Wood of Peaceful Uprising at the 2014 Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence. 


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