Katie Orndahl

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Interest Area: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

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UNC's  vice chancellor for student advancement and chief fundraiser Matt Kupec recently resigned after an investigation showed that he used university money for personal trips.

This resignation should be viewed as an opportunity for UNC to take another unfortunate scandal--we've had our fair share over the past year--and use the incident to do something positive with its $2.2 billion endowment.

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United Nations human rights experts have brought attention to a proposed project in Bangladesh that would immediately displace 50,000 to 130,000 Bangladeshis and “threaten the livelihoods of thousands more by doing irreversible damage to water sources and ecosystems in the region.”

The project? An open-pit coal mine. Coal may seem less pressing than other human rights issues which offer vivid and immediate images of human suffering. But coal causes just as much suffering as other issues that dominate headlines across the world.

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