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This blog was authored by Casey Aldridge, a first-year student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

One Monday in October 2013, I made the five-minute walk to the student center at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for a protest that I helped orchestrate.  The protest, directed at a Bank of America recruitment session on campus, was part of a nationwide campaign by Rainforest Action Network to tell banks to “Stop Financing Climate Chaos”.

421 Activists disrupt Bank of America recruitment at UNCC in early 2013.Working with about twenty students and a pair of local activists, we arrived at the recruitment session.  Our plan:  to mic-check the presentation, showcasing our banner that denounced Bank of America’s policy of funding mountaintop removal and coal.  Our goal: to get our point across to potential Bank of America recruits; Bank of America’s addiction to coal – investing $6.4 billion in the dirty energy over the last two years – is destructive to our shared planet.

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The following post was authored by Laura Mistretta, a fourth-year student at Duke University.

It may be the most inconvenient truth of all: many of our actions, including those deeply embedded in our lifestyles, produce greenhouse gas emissions.  The most obvious sources of greenhouse gas emissions are those associated with transportation and electricity use.  If we look a bit further we can see greenhouse gas emissions lurking behind the milk in our refrigerators, woven into the fabric of our clothing, and stained with ink in our newspapers. 

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This blog was written by Summer Worthington, a second-year student at St. Louis University.

401 Summer Worthington and SLU students disrupt Citi recruitment, fall 2013After the recent chemical spill from a coal processing plant in West Virginia, it’s easy to bring up the subject of the disastrous effects of the coal industry domestically, especially since 42% of our energy consumption comes from the coal. It seems as though coal makes up the backbone of the United States (though let’s not forget inequality). However, we do not necessarily think of what the coal industry is like in other countries and across the globe, or how American businesses and enterprises affect those countries.

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