Join the Clean Water Mob

Communities across Pennsylvania have had their water contaminated by fracking, and the EPA has failed them — dropping its investigations and leaving families without clean water.

As our movement gets ready to flood Pittsburgh for Power Shift 2013, there’s a critical campaign underway to provide relief and justice to communities that have been impacted by fracking in the region.

Today, we’re organizing a “Clean Water Mob” to bring fresh water to these families, and call for real leadership from the EPA!

Here’s how you can help:

Mob Size: 12,258

1Sign the Petition

Tell the EPA to reopen investigations into fracking-related water contamination

2Get clean water to families

Clean water is a precious resources — water for a family of four costs roughly $1200 a year, so please contribute generously! If hundreds of us contribute $5-10 it will go a long way!


3Grow the Mob

We need all the help we can get, so please share the Clean Water Mob on Facebook and encourage your friends to join the mob too!

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