Action Teams

Rural Electric Coop/ Municipal Utility Youth Organizing Fellowship

While federal progress on clean energy has come to a standstill, progress at the local and regional levels represent the strongest opportunity to move towards necessary climate goals. A key component to strengthening this movement is activating the voices of young people residing in REC and municipal utility territories. Through organizing efforts, students have the potential to leverage the power of large institutional REC member-owners (like their school) to make changes towards renewable and clean energy. In addition, this organizing will bring together other students, faculty and staff at their schools as well as broader community members who are also REC member-owners in these new economy campaigns. Campaigns could be focused on electing new Directors to the REC’s Board to promote clean energy, efficiency, better governance, local economic development, and more.

Through the proposed Fellowship Program, which is a collaborative effort of We Own It, Clean Up the River Environment (CURE), Sierra Student Coalition, Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition and other PSN member organizations, this action team will co-develop resources, materials and trainings to support the Fellows as movement leaders and bolster the engagement of other youth leaders. Fellows will:

  1. strengthen connections between PSN member organizations,
  2. share experiences and stories of success with other fellows and the broader electric co-op and municipal electric reform movements, and
  3. empower rural electric cooperative and municipal electric members around the US to join the movement. Becoming involved and making change in institutions that you own is a powerful experience that will catalyze lifelong civic engagement for youth and allies involved in these organizing campaigns.

Currently, this action team has been developing the Fellowship Description and reaching out to other organizations to host fellows locally and provide mentorship. We will open the application in September and pilot program (10 fellows at five colleges and/or universities) will run from November to May 2019.

Trainers Peer Learning Circle

PSN’s Trainers Peer Learning Circle (TPLC) meets bi-weekly to support our fellow trainers within the Network. Our Circle is a community in which we can share best practices of training, troubleshoot training challenges, pilot trainings we hope to launch at our respective organizations and much more. As a PSN Learning Circle, we also have opportunities to apply for up to $5,000 per year in microgrants to fund registration, lodging and/or travel to trainings, webinars or conferences hosted by our Network and ally organizations. If you’re a trainer or anticipate taking on a training role, we encourage you to join our Circle. Please reach out to Hope Ghazala at if you’re interested. For more information on the development of our Circle and some training tools we’ve co-created, check out our blog post here.

Frontlines to Power

The Power Shift Network recognizes that there are systems in place that keep youth who are directly and disproportionately impacted by climate change and extractive environmental destruction from having the power and resources to lead on climate solutions that create a healthy, just and sustainable world for themselves and generations to come. The environmental justice and frontline member organizations of PSN came together to address this issue by creating the Frontlines to Power initiative to develop leadership and increase visibility for young climate leaders on the frontlines of climate change.

Our mission is to empower young people from communities of color and frontline environmental justice communities to take on leadership and decision making positions locally and in the national youth climate movement through transformative learning, mentorship and equitably sharing resources. This initiative consists of three programs: a spokesperson program, electoral leadership training program and mentorship program. Through these programs, youth will receive training, mentorship and access to resources to unleash the full potential of their leadership.

You can read a synopsis of Frontlines to Power here.

Global Climate Action Summit

Youth from around CA are rising up to call on our elected leaders to take necessary and bolder action on climate at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) taking place in San Francisco this September. We are collaborating with local organizations and planning events and actions leading up to the summit that will amplify the youth voice for climate justice. If you are interested in getting involved we host action planning calls every other Thursday at 5pm PST leading up to the week of actions on Sept 8th.

There is also a team that acts as the coordination and communication space for youth activity around the September 8th distributed day of action (RISE) and the 2018 elections. Our main goals are to amplify and sustain localized and youth power through youth-led actions on September 8th and mobilize the youth climate movement to elect leaders who stand for strong climate action and will stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. We are striving to remain in ongoing communication with groups mobilizing on the ground around the GCAS summit in California and amplify these voices as appropriate. To learn more about this coordination table and/or to get involved, email