September 23, 2014

Aerial Video: Immense Crowd at People’s Climate March

Crossposted from Greenpeace.

Here's a nice, shot, submitted to Democracy Now! by an anonymous pilot of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV - a.k.a. "drone").

Attendance estimates at the People's Climate March officially range from 125,000-311,000, according to different measurements by protest organizers and journalists that have been widely reported.

Momentum from the immense protest carried through yesterday's activities at Flood Wall Street to draw attention to the financial sector's looming role in climate change, where incentives to make money are notoriously more coveted than incentives to serve people and the country. Among the 104 arrested was a polar bear.

The pressure continued into the night, on the eve of the United Nations Summit, as Greenpeace shone the message "Protect the People, not the Polluters" onto the UN building in Manhattan, in nine different languages. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon joined protestors at the People's Climate March. UN Climate Summit Projection Action