March 28, 2011

How awesome is this oppurtunity 

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Hey guys,

So I have developed a huge BEEF with natural gas and people referring to it as clean, and safe. Natural gas extraction/fracking is terrible. Watch this movie and get the truth behind: Gasland

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My Power Shift Story

March 25, 2011

Hi, I am Jomar Floyd, a senior majoring in Health Care Management with a concentration in Long Term Care at Florida A&M University.

Two years ago, from February 27 to March 2, 2009, 11,000 young leaders from around the world proactively participated by making a voyage to Washington, D.C for Power Shift 09. We petitioned for the President and Congress rebuild our economy and secure our future by passing bold, just climate and energy policies that prioritize jobs and renewable energy. Van Jones, the founder of Green for All, was in attendance to speak about “green collar jobs” and how young people will be agents of change in this 21st century.

I was fortunate enough to make this trip despite funds being cut from state universities and colleges. I’m a proactive member of the FAMU Green Coalition in Tallahassee, FL at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.

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Yesterday, I attended a talk with Joe Romm, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and author of the award-winning blog Climate Progress. He writes with conviction on the spectrum of science and policy issues within the climate and clean energy movement in the US and beyond.

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New experience

March 24, 2011


This is my first time attending Power Shift and I want to contribute to its success as much as possible, but feel that it is absolutely necessary to bring back as much knowledge as possible.  Got tips on a good balance any suggestions?  

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Power Shift 2011 is one month away.  From April 15 - 18, over 10,000 youth and student activists from across North America will be converging in Washington, DC for a weekend full of training and movement building to take on dirty coal, big oil, and the corporate polluters that have bought out our democracy.  Why am I'm going  Power Shift you ask? I'm going to tell you.

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March 9, 2011

I cannot wait to learn about the different ideas for clean and sustainable energy development for the United States and world. Developing alternative energy is undeniably critical to the short and long term health of the american and global economy as well as the environment. It is time we recognize the need for change in the aftermath of the Gulf-Horizon oil spill  and of Libya's current political unrest. Excessive dependence on fossil fuel is simply dangerous. It is dangerous environmentally, economically, and politically.

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A new report, Going Underground on Campus, by the National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program, with Energy Action Coalition, APPA:  Leadership in Educational Facilities, GEA, GEO and Jobs for the Future, documents how more than 140 colleges and universities in 36 states are cutting the heating and cooling footprint on campus by 40% or more, creating good green jobs and saving money.  

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The Energy Action Coalition brought together over 5,000 young people for Power Shift 2007, the first national youth conference to solve the climate crisis. This is me, taking pictures onstage as Van Jones addressed the crowd gathered at the Capitol Building. A year earlier, I graduated from the Greenpeace Semester and was catalyzed into the youth climate movement.

The Greenpeace Semester empowered me with the skills and confidence to tackle my generation's biggest challenge: averting catastrophic climate change. By the following summer, I found myself back in Washington, DC organizing for the largest gathering on climate change the world had ever seen.

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Guest Post by Claire Still, Power Shift Recruitment Team

The University of Arizona and Arizona State University have a long standing rivalry. In everything from athletics to academics -- you name it -- the two schools compete for the top. Now, coordinators at both campuses have made Power Shift their most recent contest.

Both schools originally set a goal of registering 20 people for the conference, but that number didn't last for long. As soon as students at the University of Arizona heard about Arizona State University's goals, they sent U of A a challenge. "Tell ASU that U of A is going to get whatever ASU registers, plus one," they said.

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