October 16, 2013

Clean Water Mob: Help families impacted by fracking

53 As our movement gets ready to flood Pittsburgh for Power Shift 2013 on Friday, there’s a critical campaign underway to provide relief and justice to communities that have already been impacted by fracking in the region.

Communities in Dimock, PA, Pavillion, WY and Parker County, TX have had their water contaminated by fracking, and the EPA has failed them — dropping its investigations and leaving them without clean water.

So today we want to lend our support and raise money to provide clean water to families in Pennsylvania who have had their water poisoned by fracking.

We’re working with our friends and allies to kick-off a Clean Water Mob — a major push to raise money to deliver fresh water to communities impacted by fracking AND to raise the demand for the EPA to take real action.

Join the Clean Water Mob: Help deliver clean water to families impacted by fracking!

Imagine having your water contaminated by fracking — families in Pennsylvania are enduring an unspeakable toll, unable to drink their water, bathe their kids in it, or use it on their farms.

Over the course of the day, if thousands of us contribute and storm Facebook and Twitter to ask our friends and families to join us, we can make a major difference for families impacted by fracking, AND show the EPA the sort of leadership we demand.

Join the Clean Water Mob: Make a contribution to help deliver water to communities in Pennsylvania whose water has been poisoned by fracking.

With the “Clean Water Mob” we’re not only delivering critical water supplies to Pennsylvania, we are also showing the sort of leadership on fracking that we demand from President Obama and the EPA. They need to understand that this situation is real and dire, and that we need them to step in to protect communities from this sort of abuse from the fracking industry.

Already over 270,000 people have signed a petition to demand the EPA re-open its investigations in Dimock, Pavillion and Parker County — and if we’re successful, by the time we converge in Pittsburgh, thousands more will have joined the call.

This weekend at Power Shift 2013 we’re going to unleash a movement united against fossil fuels and determined to build a clean energy economy. Today let’s get out there for one final push so we can show that we all stand together.