October 21, 2011

Flood MSU With Calls of Support to Move Beyond Coal

Yesterday, seven Michigan State University students occupied MSU President Simon’s office to demand the university shut down it's coal plant and transition to 100% clean energy.

These students took a courageous stand to lead the call for 100% clean energy on our campuses and in our communities — and together we can help build this wave of demand.

They are calling on President Simon to commit to closing Michigan State’s T.B. Simon coal plant, the largest on-campus coal plant in the nation. It burns over 200,000 tons of dirty coal ever year and is a threat to students’ health.

Let's flood MSU President Simon's office with calls to demand Michigan State move beyond coal. Make a call and share this photo on Facebook to spread the word about their courageous action. If enough of us call, President Simon will see that these students have the support of people across the country.

For two years Michigan State students have called on their university to retire their coal plant and move to 100% clean energy. They’ve gathered thousands of petitions, passed a student government resolution, presented before their Board of Trustees, held rally and marches, and met with their university president several times.

With just months until the university decides what to do about the coal plant, they are stepping it up, and we need to stand with them.

Share their story on Facebook & make a call to President Simon to increase the pressure on Michigan State.

This month, young people across the country have been stepping up campaigns to move campuses and communities to 100% clean energy. By the end of the month over 100 groups will have taken this demand for 100% clean energy to their university administrations or local officials. Together we’re building a movement to say we’re sick of dirty energy and we’re not going to take it anymore.

We're seeing incredible leadership across the country -- keep following http://wearepowershift.org/100Actions for updates from across the country.