February 29, 2016

Florida students build power at #SpringForward summit

My name is Bianca Polini, and I'm a senior at Florida International University. I attended the Florida Youth Convergence last weekend, which took place as part of a series of #SpringForward statewide strategy summits happening this semester all around the country. I had the opportunity to meet and connect with people working on projects similar to mine — and others with whom I can reach out to for advice through the new statewide youth activist network that we created during the summit!


Currently, I'm working on supporting the implementation of a Green Revolving Fund on my campus, as well as supporting renewable energy at FIU. Through the workshops at the summit and by hearing the experiences of fellow leaders and organizers, I realized that our group at FIU is not alone. We are working toward many unified goals — such as freedom, environmental justice and protection, peace, and power for the people — along with dozens of other campus groups across Florida.


At the summit, some things that stood out were a workshop on mobilizing people to our events, a visualizing activity for what the world should be like in 2050, and a workshop on the crucial intersections between economic, social, and environmental issues.

Since attending Florida #SpringForward, I look forward to reaching out to the Florida state youth activist network for support for my own work, and to attending events for other justice movements in the state. And I'm looking forward to the regional Power Shift in September, where we will be able build our power beyond the state level and tackle issues that affect the entire region!