January 8, 2014

Innovative revolving fund for solar energy

I wanted to share what a local nonprofit in San Francisco is doing and how we can all support it!

RE-volv is a nonprofit that crowdfunds to finance solar installations for nonprofits and cooperatives that serve as community centers.  Using a lease-to-own model, monthly payments from community centers (still less than their original energy bill) are reinvested to finance more solar energy projects.  Each individual project will yield 3-5 additional projects - a revolving fund for solar energy and a model that pays your donation forward!

We have about 2 weeks left of our crowdfunding campaign and we need your help to reach 100%!  We want to show our community, our government, and our world that we want renewable energy now and we are willing to fund it ourselves.  The donation amount does not matter - anything that you can give, even $5 helps!  We need your help to spread this campaign and to get as many people to donate!  We are prioritizing the number of donors rather than the donation amount.

Check out the campaign at www.solarseedfund.org and find our more about RE-volv at www.re-volv.org

We are also running a referral contest and the winner will get to choose which nonprofit or cooperative we serve next!  Details are on the campaign site!

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to me at julia@re-volv.org!