June 1, 2017

Response to Trump's Decision to Pull Out of Paris Agreement


Statement from Lydia Avila, Power Shift Network Executive Director, on Donald Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change:

For the young people facing a future ravaged by heat waves, famines, superstorms, and increased global conflict, the Paris Agreement is the culmination of negotiations that have been going on for longer than many of our lifetimes. And although it doesn’t go nearly far enough, it is currently our best shot at a global effort to protect a livable planet for our generation and those that will come after us.

Backing out of Paris, instead of moving forward to establish the US as the visionary climate leader the world needs, is a direct attack on young people. It is clear that our generation’s future matters less than fossil fuel profits to short-sighted individuals like Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt, who won’t have to live with the long-lasting consequences of their actions.

Today, it is more clear than ever: Donald Trump is not fighting for America’s future, does not have the American people’s best interest at heart, and therefore is unfit to lead this country.