October 15, 2012

With SSREC and 1 Presidential Debate Behind Us, Florida Youth Look Towards Nov. 6th

The South is the front-line and Florida is being targeted by every politician and fossil fuel industry you could think of trying to use Florida for their own agenda's. But youth are refusing to no longer be heard. Last weekend, youth from across the Southeast converged on Tallahassee, Florida for the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference. We met, planned, and acted to end the death-grip of fossil fuels in the South; teaching and learning from each other and marching on the Florida Supreme Court and Florida Capital Building to show that the youth voice and the youth vote is more important than ever. We have been working tirelessly to register voters in the face of unprecedented voter suppression laws, fighting the very real reality of a new era of Jim Crow Laws in the South. We are also still trying to rebuild our communities; because no matter what the media tells you, there is still oil on our shores, still neighborhoods desolate and polluted since Katrina, still people dying for our energy whims. But still we endure, the youth of the South. Between our shoulders we carry the weigh of our Southern heritage, the force of oppression of our communities by fossil fuel monopolies, the strain of unprecedented voter suppression, and our obligations to family, friends, and, finally, ourselves.

Here we are, less than 2 weeks till the beginning of early voting in Florida and 22 days till the election. This is the turn around the last bend of the race, the home stretch is in sight, but there is still work that needs to be done. NEEDS TO BE DONE! Florida, the South, the youth climate movement, we need to dig down and pull up that fire, that passion, that drive and determination that is the true power of our generation. The odds are stacked against us, sure, but this is not the time to waiver. We are leaders, we are being looked to for direction, guidance, reassurance from our volunteers that this campaign and all that it stands for means a damn! I want to challenge all of you, as you should be challenging me, to make this last leg count. Whether it's Power Vote or another campaign, whether you're in Florida or not, steel your resolve and remember why we do this work. Think about what has worked for you so far and stop dwelling on mistakes, we have to look forward and work smarter and not harder. Reassess your plans and goals, realigning them with what you've learned from your campaign so far and make the next 22 days really matter. This is your legacy, embrace it.