February 16, 2016

Tons of excitement from the Kentucky environmental movement

Hey folks!! Libby Kelly, Western Kentucky University delegate here, from the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) sharing some thoughts on this upcoming semester!

If it’s not already, y’all need to put KSEC on your radar. This year my New Year’s Resolution was to not put activism on the backburner. I want 2016 to be a productive year for me in the realm of the things I care about, which is environmental and social justice. I feel confident in my ability to effectively organize for these causes with KSEC.

Last semester was my first one at WKU. I came from Eastern KY University where I saw awesome teamwork and success in their environmental club which KSEC was an incredible catalyst for, and I was super eager to bring my KSEC enthusiasm from that group to the two WKU clubs I represent! I’m a delegate for the GreenToppers as well as the Coalition for Social Justice, which is especially exciting. Defending the earth is important, but it can involve even more than compassion for trees and animals. We all live in the environment, and we’re all affected by things like climate change, fracking, mountaintop removal, etc. As far as I see it, environmental issues ARE social justice issues. Already KSEC has shown huge support in my campus social justice club, and I’m excited to see how I can help CSJ campaign and organize as an environmental activist and through KSEC. 

Last summer KSEC launched an annual training program called Catalyst, that’s essentially a summer camp for activists. I was able to experience it last year and it was the most empowering and rewarding thing I’ve ever had in my time as an activist. I’m super stoked to be training at this year’s Catalyst and even more stoked since meeting and organizing with the rest of the team! It feels like every experience I have in this organization only teaches me more and more about my own potential and the potential of movements of collective action and organizing. In 2015, KSEC helped four campus win some really amazing campaign victories like a climate action plan, a green revolving fund, etc. I look forward to 2016 as another year for victories since meeting so many capable young people at Catalyst with positive visions for our future and the skills and heart to achieve them!