December 12, 2018

Winning in 2019

Support a winning movement in 2019!

The Power Shift Network is doing groundbreaking work to organize and support young people who are leading the fight to defend our communities and our planet.

Can you join us as a monthly donor, OR support us with a gift of $25, $10, or even $3?  Climate organizers raise their fists in direct action at the White House

Young leaders fighting for climate justice need your support more than ever. We have big plans for 2019, and we need to raise $8000 before New Year’s Day.

Your support helps build a grassroots network of young people that is trained, organized, connected, and ready to fight for a just, clean energy-powered future for all of us.

Our movement runs on people power and small donations. Anything you can contribute today will make a difference!

Thank you!