September 26, 2017

Youth Climate Intervenors: Isabel Watson

Isabel Watson is one of the Youth Climate Intervenors—13 young people who have been granted full status as a formal intervening party in Minnesota’s contested case permit process for Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Read more about the Youth Climate Intervenors here.

Isabel Watson is one of the 13 Youth Climate Intervenors fighting the Line 3 Pipeline

Name: Isabel Watson

Hometown (and how long you have lived there): Born and raised in Minneapolis!

Age/Year in school: 18, recent high school grad

How did you get involved with Line 3? I have been involved with the Sierra Club’s beyond oil and tar sands work for almost two years now. Minnesota has a horrific history of colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples and I always found myself stuck in the past and feeling guilty and hopeless about our history, but working against tar sands has allowed me to use those feelings to create positive change and end the colonization that is still happening in our state.

Why do you care about stopping Line 3? The Line 3 pipeline made tar sands a personal threat. It made it no longer be “someone else’s problem,” because it threatens me and my whole generation’s future.

What does being a Youth Intervenor mean to you?

My favorite part about being a Youth Intervenor is that it gives me an opportunity to make my voice heard that I haven’t had before. I always make myself heard and have little trouble confronting corporations or authority, but I always feel like my voice isn’t adequately heard because I am “a youth” and that somehow invalidates my experience. But being an Intervenor is an opportunity to be listened to and heard and have my voice count.

How does this impact (this city/community)? Why should Line 3 matter to Minneapolis?

Line 3 isn’t just a problem for people up North, it’s impacts will spread to Minneapolis and well beyond. The proposed route for the new Line 3 would cross the Mississippi twice, and that is the sole source of our drinking water here. It would also exacerbate the effects of climate change which will impact people everywhere.

What is a fun fact no one would know about you?

Despite having no talent in the sport, bowling is one of my favorite activities.


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