October 16, 2017

Youth Climate Intervenors: Nina Berglund

Nina Berglund is one of the Youth Climate Intervenors—13 young people who have been granted full status as a formal intervening party in Minnesota’s contested case permit process for Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Read more about the Youth Climate Intervenors here.

Nina Berglund is one of the 13 Youth Climate Intervenors fighting the Line 3 Pipeline

Hometown (and how long you have lived there):  St. Paul, I’ve lived here a large majority of my life.

Age/Year in school: 17 years old/Graduating Senior

How did you get involved with Line 3?

I didn’t know much about Line 3 until I attended a March and Training in Whitewater, Wisconsin in early March of this year.  We were informed  about Line 3 and Line 67, the two major pipelines which would directly affect Minnesota and Wisconsin. As my interest grew and the more I learned about Line 3, many opportunities appeared. Less than a week after that, I attended a Bemidji State Department Meeting on Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline border crossing. Other youth and I noticed the lack of interest and attentiveness the officials showed towards the people who would be affected by the pipeline. We voiced our words and concerns for the land, water, and people to not only the state officials but Enbridge as well.  After Standing Rock, the spark lit inside us would eventually help ignite the flame within our spirits.

Why do you care about stopping Line 3?

These lands we Minnesotans currently occupy is land that belongs to the Dakota and Ojibwe people. There are ancestral ties to this land, there is ceremonial and spiritual connection to the water that this pipeline will threaten. After seeing how greed is affecting our beautiful grandmother earth, I am truly devastated to know there are things we will and soon will never get back. Our clean air, water, and land is dwindling at a horrifying rate. I will fight to bring an end to not only Line 3 but oil drilling and its established role in today’s society. I wish to be able to promise a positive, clean, and healthy future to the coming generations.

What does being a Youth Climate Intervenor mean to you?

To have had this opportunity to become a part of the legal processes that go into stopping the building of a pipeline is absolutely groundbreaking for me, an urban living young Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Lakota woman. Learning and understanding the logistics and terminology used in important documents such as the Certificate of Need and the Environmental Impact Statement is very important to teach to young people. It it vital to learn about all the ways in which corporations obtain the right to build pipelines using the legal system to help prep us for future fights.

How does this impact your community? Why should Line 3 matter to St. Paul?

As an official intervening party, our main focus is the effects of climate change and how Line 3 plays a large contributing role in the climate crisis. It is crucial to start caring now in the beginning of the process versus later—it will benefit us in the long run.

What is a fun fact no one would know about you?

I really like watermelon.

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