Global Climate Justice Movement

Young people across the globe are leading a movement for a real power shift: we're addressing the climate crisis by standing up to corporate polluters and tackling root causes of the crisis, while lifting up community and people-centered solutions.

Countries like the United States, who have greater historical responsibility for causing climate change must be held to higher standards for reducing emissions and addressing impacts, including adequate financial support.

The dirty energy industry is jeopardizing the future of young people, indigenous peoples, people in developing nations, and the very survival of  small island states, but there are young people across the planet who are passionate and committed to stabilizing the climate, restoring democracy, upholding human rights, and transforming the climate crisis into an opportunity to design new systems.

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I’m not one to talk about the science of climate change. I assume that at this point everyone has decided to lean into the reality of climate science - or has chosen to disengage and hope that things get better on their own. But as a recap of what we know: climate change is happening now; it’s driven by our consumptive, wasteful lifestyles, and an addiction to fossil fuels; and, the fossil fuel industry has a both an incredible amount of power and an economic interest in our world holding on to our fossil fuel dependence.

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The challenge of our generation is to find solutions to climate disruption. As youth we have the task of ensuring that future generations can live in a just and sustainable world. We know that right now communities around the world are being affected by coal plants, gas pipelines and other impacts on the environment and human health. We are the voices of our home country, our communities, and a generation. Because of this we have traveled to Warsaw to call communities across the globe to build capacity and find local solutions to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

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