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We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Day in and day out the energy at Power Shift HQ is growing. Deadlines are coming and going faster than we can imagine and, every time we look up, another day has come to an end and we're one step closer to Power Shift 2011. Each and every one of us is reeling with excitement about what's about to happen in just 21 days as we take part in the largest environmental organizing training in history.

It's amazing to see that this energy isn't just in our offices. Power Shift attendees are finding incredibly creative ways to share their stories, take action in their communities, and… to simply get here.

At last weekend's regional training events in the Northeast and California, organizers shared their stories about how they got involved in environmental activism.


A reflection of the 2016 Power Shift West Convergence and a message to future CSSC convergence organizers

The first time I had heard of California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) was when I was going through what I will call, “my Reddit phase.” After being accepted to Cal, I searched “clubs UC Berkeley” on Reddit, and CSSC was on that list.

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On October 12th , 2016, the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) hosted its first annual Local Food Day of Action.


Universities across the state celebrated the day with events and activities to raise awareness for the importance of local food and to promote local food on campuses.

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The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition is sick of feeling ignored.

We have taken upon ourselves the burden of inspiring change for an environmentally just and sustainable future in a place where most of our political leaders couldn’t care less. KSEC is demanding change and fostering a network of youth from around the state to be engaged in Kentucky’s politics.


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849 Government Deregulation of Mountaintop RemovalThere are many reasons why folks from all over the world fight for climate justice, from warming oceans and polluted skies to rain forest destruction and species endangerment. Some people fight for causes that are near and dear to them while others fear for global destruction and the end of our modern way of life.

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By Kendra Roedl, Minneapolis

It was at Power Shift 2013 that I first felt a strong, noticeable call to action as an activist and organizer. As a sophomore in high school, I attended as a member of my school’s environmental club, where I had been taking on more responsibility for projects like improving the recycling system in our cafeteria and getting more people to compost.

824 Minnesota youth and students gather at the beginning of the MN Youth Forward summit


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My name is Bianca Polini, and I'm a senior at Florida International University.

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Hey folks!! Libby Kelly, Western Kentucky University delegate here, from the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) sharing some thoughts on this upcoming semester!

If it’s not already, y’all need to put KSEC on your radar. This year my New Year’s Resolution was to not put activism on the backburner. I want 2016 to be a productive year for me in the realm of the things I care about, which is environmental and social justice. I feel confident in my ability to effectively organize for these causes with KSEC.

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As many movement spaces often do, the day began in a circle. One hundred young people – high school students, college students, and twenty-somethings – gathered around a huge parachute laid on the floor with big green letters reading ‘Leave it in the ground! Resist!’ It was early on a Friday morning, and people had traveled from as far as North Dakota, Michigan, and Ohio.

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