Al Gore

24 Hours of Reality

September 8, 2011

This is a great opportunity to help spread awareness of the severity of climate change: next Wednesday, Septeber 14th, the Climate Reality Project will be launched- an initiative speaheaded by Al Gore to educate anyone on Earth that has access to a TV about the stark consequences of our current energy system. I emphasize current because I do believe that basic education on an issue as complex as climate change is essential to any kind of change we want to see as a movement.

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On Wednesday, former Vice President, and current chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection, Al Gore released an essay for Rolling Stone criticizing the “wrestling match” over the existence of climate change, and examining several factors on inaction on the issue.  However, for the media there was only one newsworthy lead: Al Gore clubs President Obama. 

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After Power Shift there is ACTION in DC!! After facilitating at Power    Shift I was recruited to organize the iMatter march for DC and celebrate Mother Earth on Mother's day!

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Al Gore is joining YOU at Power Shift 2011!

Join Al Gore at Power ShiftWe’ve got exciting news: Nobel Peace Prize Winner, former Vice President, and long-standing climate advocate Al Gore will be joining us at Power Shift 2011!

Vice President Gore has been a lifelong champion for climate science – from hosting the first Congressional hearings on the climate crisis in 1976, to bringing science to the public through An Inconvenient Truth – so we’re excited for him to bring his experience and knowledge to Power Shift 2011.

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Read Vice President Gore’s note to you below, and join his call to action!