Yesterday, about 80 clean energy advocates visited the Arlington, Virginia office of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to protest its dirtywork for polluting companies like Dominion Resources, a major utility in Virginia. 

Click here to add your voice: tell Dominion to Dump ALEC!

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Grover Norquist is a familiar player in Washington debates, renowned for convincing nearly every Republican in Congress to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. But Norquist’s main job is not as a principled advocate for his brand of limited government but functioning as a paid lobbyist for whatever corporate interests are ready to write him a check. Norquist is a prominent pundit for Big Pharma and Big Tobacco, and now, he’s also batting for Big Oil.

Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is at the forefront of the latest fight against renewable energy in the United States.

Conservative front groups and fossil fuel interests are attacking renewable energy standards in a coordinated assault to protect profits generated from fossil fuel-based electricity. Twenty-nine states have renewable energy standards and twenty-two of those have become fierce battlegrounds.

This coordinated attack on clean energy bears resemblance to the effort by Big Tobacco to prevent public health laws from impacting the profitability of tobacco companies. And it turns out, a lot of people working to dismantle renewable energy laws are deeply connected to Big Tobacco. Some, like Grover Norquist, even worked with Big Tobacco on their misinformation campaigns and are now turning their lobbying power to attack state clean energy policies.

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One of the nation’s biggest polluters is playing dirty politics — and this week we have a chance to stop them.

The largest utility in the country, Duke Energy, is a major backer of ALEC — the right-wing policy group promoting voter suppressions laws to keep YOU and millions of others from voting. These outrageous laws are a direct attack on our democracy and our right to vote.

Tell Duke: You can’t suppress our vote, stop funding ALEC!

Next week, the Democratic National Convention is being hosted in Duke Energy’s hometown of Charlotte, NC. With thousands of elected officials and the media in Charlotte, we can blow the lid off Duke’s dirty antics, and demand they stop funding ALEC and voter suppression.

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