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If you've ever turned on the TV and seen a charismatic, boyish, conservative looking man yelling at scientists in an animated fashion, there's a good chance it was Marc Morano.

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From KY to NY

September 30, 2014


There’s a lot to be learned from an event that manages to bring around 400,000 people together.  Getting to be a part of the People’s Climate March was a sobering experience for me.

As a young woman growing up and watching my family be impacted by climate change in the coal fields, it was an absolute privilege to march along side other Appalachians in one common goal. As if marching for the place that I call ‘Home’ wasn’t enough, I was marching with 400,000 other people who were also taking steps towards a common goal.

What really moved me was that within this commonality, there were hundreds of different reasons people were passionately marching for. Things climate change affects that I had never even thought of, and even if I had thought about it, I hadn’t really given them much consideration.

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Here's a nice, shot, submitted to Democracy Now! by an anonymous pilot of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV - a.k.a. "drone").

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Yesterday, about 80 clean energy advocates visited the Arlington, Virginia office of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to protest its dirtywork for polluting companies like Dominion Resources, a major utility in Virginia. 

Click here to add your voice: tell Dominion to Dump ALEC!

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Danish documentary film Expedition to the End of the World chronicles an epic journey by a group of artists, scientists and philosophers to one of the last un-chartered areas of the globe; the rapidly melting massifs of Northeast Greenland.  This extraordinary film takes a philosophical look at humanity’s effect on the ever-changing world around us.  Music by Metallica.

"A GORGEOUS, SURPRISING, meditative film. Opens up one of the world's last unknown places." - Alan Scherstuhl, VILLAGE VOICE 

Upcoming Screenings:

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This article was originally published on the Huffington Post on Friday, April 25th, 2014.

We cannot build a thriving future out of burnout and exhaustion.

We cannot build a thriving future out of weary hearts, tired minds and burnt out bodies.

But we're certainly trying to, by the looks of it.

I know this from my work as an organizer in the climate movement -- because that's how I was doing it. That's how we all were doing it.

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Students at Florida State University are telling Charles Koch to stop compromising academic integrity with multimillion dollar grants that come with strings attached.

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12/6/13 by Joe Gantz

Last Tuesday, December 3rd, there was an article in the NY Times, from a study by The National Research Council.  It was called, Panel says Global Warming Carries Risk of Deep Changes.
The National Research Council is a nonprofit group in Washington that frequently oversees studies on major scientific questions, and as such has a fairly conservative approach to the reports they put out.

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