A Young Person’s First-Hand Account of Trying to Defeat the Political Arm of the Fossil Fuel Industry in Colorado

I'm all too familiar with the fossil fuel industry polluting our democracy.

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Boulder is seeking your support of a big and critical campaign for clean energy. 

New Era Colorado, a youth led voter group, has launched a terrific Indiegogo crowd funding effort to help us face a hostile corporate attack of our clean energy future.   Right now, our big utility is spending money on a misleading ballot item to reverse a clean energy vote of two years ago (which won by a wider margin than any presidential race in recent memory).  Our aim to create a clean energy utility is sound and researched - and greatly feared by utilities because it's replicable.   I know - utility exec's at conferences ask me about this all the time.  No wonder it's being attacked.

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Late crosspost from

This is a late post and a short one, which I'm bummed about. I am hoping, though, to get back into the swing of blogging for my remaining five [one] weeks of summer before I head off to the woods. 

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Un-Vail the Kochs

June 24, 2011

Last January, Energy Action Coalition members and friends joined 1,500 people protesting outside a political fundraiser convened by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch in Palm Springs, California. Weeks later we saw Koch funded front groups and Gov. Scott Walker mount a war against teachers and other public workers in Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve seen Koch funded assaults on the EPA, on Social Security, and a new effort to build an environmentally risky tar sands pipeline.

Now, the Kochs are coming to Colorado. This Sunday through Tuesday in Beaver Creek (near Vail) they will host an invitation only discussion between corporate titans and political operatives to plot a secret plan to spend tens of millions of dollars of corporate money on the 2012 elections. We learned this news just days ago when the Richmond Times Dispatch reported that Governor McDonnell of Virginia will be joining the strategy sessions. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has said he’s “dropped by” these meetings in the past.

Will you be there to raise your voice in protest? We will!

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