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Yesterday, about 80 clean energy advocates visited the Arlington, Virginia office of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to protest its dirtywork for polluting companies like Dominion Resources, a major utility in Virginia. 

Click here to add your voice: tell Dominion to Dump ALEC!

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After over a year of college students in North Carolina organizing and working with administrators to get their Universities to fight climate change by embracing clean energy, the University of North Carolina (UNC) just responded in a big way.

UNC system President Thomas Ross sent a letter (below) to the utility that sells the UNC system electricity – Duke Energy, the largest electrical utility in the country – expressing his request for clean energy for the whole University of North Carolina system.

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From July 17th – 19th Appalachian State University hosted the second annual three day Energy Summit where students, faculty, and administrators came together to unite their knowledge and creative ideas to secure the University of North Carolina System’s (UNC) energy future in North Carolina.  The conferences are a major step in helping to coordinate and achieve The UNC System’s ultimate goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 as well as saving $1 billion in energy savings over next 20 years.

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Jim Rogers, (was the) CEO of Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric utility, was Wednesday's morning’s keynote speaker at Duke University’s day-long Energy Conference. His talk, “The Future of Energy: How Will Today’s Challenges Shape the Future of the Industry,” focused mostly on natural gas and nuclear, with little attention given to climate or renewable energy -- until we got to Q&A.

N.C. State junior Caroline Hansley asked Rogers a tough question this morning about how he plans to address helping the UNC System meet their climate neutrality goals if Duke isn’t seriously investing in renewable energy.

Rogers of course evaded the question, urging universities to take measures into their own hands, telling campuses they need to become more energy efficient. We agree, this is something universities should prioritize, but no matter how energy efficient a campus becomes, they still have to purchase energy. From there Roger’s began to brag about all of Duke Energy’s risky nuclear power plants. Sorry Jim, but North Carolina is not interested in potential Fukushima situations. Of course, Rogers made sure to avoid the fact that Duke Energy is also turning on coal plants.

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I'm writing from Charlotte, NC where the Democratic National Convention is in full-swing.

You can feel it in the convention hall, in the streets, and on Facebook--the pressure is mounting for Duke Energy to stop playing dirty politics and dump ALEC for funding voter suppression.

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