Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, but this year the usual corporate greenwashing and symbolic gestures aren’t going to cut it. This year, we’re taking it back.

Students on dozens of campuses are organizing Take Back Earth Day events to demand their colleges and universities address the climate crisis with more than just words. At the same time, a movement-wide coalition is pushing on the national level by flooding the State Department with over 1 million public comments against the disastrous Keystone XL Pipeline.

#TakeBackEarthDay: Join the students taking action across the country by demanding the Obama Administration reject Keystone XL!


Whether it’s your administration on campus or the administration in Washington, we’ve got to hold our leaders accountable to their climate commitments, and push them to make a clean break from big polluters: divesting from fossil fuels and moving to 100% clean energy.

That’s what Earth Day needs to be about.

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This Earth Day, on campuses across the country students are demanding their campuses take bold action on climate by divesting from fossil fuels and moving to clean energy.

Students and universities are leading the fight against climate change. Thanks to years of student organizing, over 700 campuses have committed to carbon neutrality or have made some kind of commitment around climate change.

Yet - campuses continue to support dirty energy that is fueling the climate crisis, and making people sick. Students must stand in solidarity with communities being impacted by climate change and dirty energy, and demand that our campuses clean up their act.

What will you do to Take Back Earth Day? Check out our new video and put your campus on the map!

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Earth Day is around the corner, and this year we’re taking it back.

Earth Day was founded in 1970 to, in the words of its founder, “bring an overwhelming insistence of the new generation that we stem the tide of environmental disaster.” Now each year I see Earth Day come and go with too much greenwashing and not enough action.

This year, we want to try something a little different: we want to Take Back Earth Day by organizing bold actions on our campuses.

Already students are organizing incredible Earth Day actions — from hundreds of students at Mizzou who will rally to demand their school shut down its dirty coal plant, to high schoolers from across Minnesota who will unite to lead a March to Demand Climate Action.

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Occupy Earth Day: An Expose of the Corporate Propaganda Systems that Undermine Systemic Change Activism


This Earth Day, like so many others, we'll be invited to pick up litter, plant trees, be reminded to recycle, and countless other personal habits we can adopt to save the earth. Corporations pitching "green" products will bust out their "Lorax-approved" logos and encourage our "green" consumption.

This will be the first Earth Day since the Occupy Wall Street movement took form. How can we Occupy Earth Day – or as our Indigenous colleagues have urged us all to rename Occupy... how can we Decolonize Earth Day? To get to the root of this (in other words, take a "radical" approach), we need to look deeper into how Earth Day, and our broader culture, got colonized.

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This week we're debuting a new weekend series designed to keep you up-to-speed on the latest stories in clean energy and climate politics. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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After Power Shift there is ACTION in DC!! After facilitating at Power    Shift I was recruited to organize the iMatter march for DC and celebrate Mother Earth on Mother's day!

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Michigan State Earth Day Rally

On Earth Day, Michigan State University students and community members marched and rallied with climate activist Tim DeChristopher at the steps of Michigan State’s Hannah Administration Building, eagerly awaiting an announcement from the University to stop burning dirty, dangerous coal on campus and transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

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