On October 12th , 2016, the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) hosted its first annual Local Food Day of Action.


Universities across the state celebrated the day with events and activities to raise awareness for the importance of local food and to promote local food on campuses.

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The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition is sick of feeling ignored.

We have taken upon ourselves the burden of inspiring change for an environmentally just and sustainable future in a place where most of our political leaders couldn’t care less. KSEC is demanding change and fostering a network of youth from around the state to be engaged in Kentucky’s politics.


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849 Government Deregulation of Mountaintop RemovalThere are many reasons why folks from all over the world fight for climate justice, from warming oceans and polluted skies to rain forest destruction and species endangerment. Some people fight for causes that are near and dear to them while others fear for global destruction and the end of our modern way of life.

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Last Wednesday, the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition headed to Frankfort for the Clean Energy Lobby Day. The passion my peers have for our state and its environment blew me away. Growing up in a rural Kentucky county, I struggled to find young people with whom I could relate. KSEC has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded students who are prepared to take action on behalf of their fellow Kentuckians and our shared environment. It gives us a chance to make our voices heard. I think that this unique opportunity is where the appeal of KSEC lies for many of its members.

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Hey folks!! Libby Kelly, Western Kentucky University delegate here, from the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) sharing some thoughts on this upcoming semester!

If it’s not already, y’all need to put KSEC on your radar. This year my New Year’s Resolution was to not put activism on the backburner. I want 2016 to be a productive year for me in the realm of the things I care about, which is environmental and social justice. I feel confident in my ability to effectively organize for these causes with KSEC.

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On Sunday, April 12 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition's (KSEC) Spring Summit in Lexington Kentucky. We met at an amazingly creative space that hosts students, nonprofits and businesses called The Plantory. The environment allowed for ideas to flow and grow into action plans.

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696 Today I had to choose between going to vote or $20 and to be honest, I hesitated.

Technically speaking my choice was actually between a mandatory event at my campus or going to vote, as both fall into my only 2 hour span of free time, but only one is going to charge me for lack of attendance.

I can practically feel your judgement leaking through the computer screen, so before you think too poorly of me rest assured that my desire for representation outweighed my desire for extra grocery money.

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From Harrison Kirby of Louisville, KY - Call Congress to share your support this amazing action in progress!

Update: 22 were arrested today. Click here to donate to jail support! Visit for updates. 

Yesterday I posted about lobbying Congress. I’m back in their offices today, but, well, this time I don’t have their permission. Hal Rogers is a congressman from Eastern Kentucky. His district contains more mountaintop removal than any of the other 435 districts. Consequently, it is also the sickest and most depressed, and it has the shortest life expectancy. Meanwhile, he refuses to even speak to any of us about mountaintop removal. My fellow Kentuckians and I will chant, sing, and above all, stay in his office until he talks to us and agrees to end mountaintop removal. He will hear our demands for change, he will see our pictures of filthy water, and we will not leave. Nobody who lives next to a mountain deserves to have to bathe their children in red water. They should not be afraid to let their grandchildren play outside, and they should not have to watch their neighbors die of cancer. Nobody should be afraid of flyrock zooming away from a mountain and killing them in their sleep. All of these things have happened in the past, and they will continue to happen until mountaintop removal mining is ended. Hal Rogers wants to keep mining the tops off of mountains until the coal is gone, but we will stay here until Hal Rogers agrees to stop sacrificing our land and our people on the filthy altar of coal. And we have all day long.

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