On October 12th , 2016, the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) hosted its first annual Local Food Day of Action.


Universities across the state celebrated the day with events and activities to raise awareness for the importance of local food and to promote local food on campuses.

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The Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition is sick of feeling ignored.

We have taken upon ourselves the burden of inspiring change for an environmentally just and sustainable future in a place where most of our political leaders couldn’t care less. KSEC is demanding change and fostering a network of youth from around the state to be engaged in Kentucky’s politics.


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Last Wednesday, the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition headed to Frankfort for the Clean Energy Lobby Day. The passion my peers have for our state and its environment blew me away. Growing up in a rural Kentucky county, I struggled to find young people with whom I could relate. KSEC has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded students who are prepared to take action on behalf of their fellow Kentuckians and our shared environment. It gives us a chance to make our voices heard. I think that this unique opportunity is where the appeal of KSEC lies for many of its members.

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768      This past Wednesday, I attended a KSEC rally at the Old State capitol in Frankfort. As a Kentuckian and an environmentalist, I felt an impetus to push my government to represent my interests and so drove the extra few miles from Danville alongside a couple peers. Having prior education regarding Senator Mitch McConnell's coal affiliations and interference with the implementation of Obama's Clean Power Plan, I was prepared for likeminded (and similarly angsty) teens standing around and...

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696 Today I had to choose between going to vote or $20 and to be honest, I hesitated.

Technically speaking my choice was actually between a mandatory event at my campus or going to vote, as both fall into my only 2 hour span of free time, but only one is going to charge me for lack of attendance.

I can practically feel your judgement leaking through the computer screen, so before you think too poorly of me rest assured that my desire for representation outweighed my desire for extra grocery money.

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