social justice

Hey folks!! Libby Kelly, Western Kentucky University delegate here, from the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) sharing some thoughts on this upcoming semester!

If it’s not already, y’all need to put KSEC on your radar. This year my New Year’s Resolution was to not put activism on the backburner. I want 2016 to be a productive year for me in the realm of the things I care about, which is environmental and social justice. I feel confident in my ability to effectively organize for these causes with KSEC.

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Delicious Change

August 9, 2011

Posted by: Carrie Watkins--Team Leader of New England Climate Summer Team MAss Movement

We’ve spent our summer spreading the message of Climate Summer: that we need to transition to clean energy now because for reasons of impending environmental doom, current national security, health, economy, and justice, we cannot afford to continue burning fossil fuels. We call for solar panels, wind, geothermal, and other awesome technologies. The type of change we’re promoting is huge. It’ll require a massive restructuring of our current infrastructure, but, we say, we have no choice but to follow through.

I’m totally down with spreading this message because I could not agree more. However, I think there’s one piece of the infrastructural puzzle that we haven’t acknowledging as fully as it deserves, and that is our food system. While we have the resources and technology to power our world without the use of fossil fuels, we cannot do it without some reduction in the obscene amount of energy we Americans use (and waste) collectively every year.

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