student power

My name is Bianca Polini, and I'm a senior at Florida International University.

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Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to join people from all over the Midwest who came together in Milwaukee to protest the Alberta Clipper Pipeline before the Democratic debate. I didn’t really know what to expect, as it was the first action I had ever been to. I wasn’t disappointed by the energy everyone brought, even in spite of the cold, or by the way that people across movements came together to amplify each other’s voices.

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By Kyle Butts, UC Santa Barbara

My name is Kyle Butts. I am an organizer at UC Santa Barbara, and I am a part of history. I don’t say that in a moment of hubris, but rather in recognition of the long story of activism on college campuses across the country. Being a student is my power. 

The last 50 years were filled with movements like the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-war Movement, the Women's Movement, the Environmental Movement, the Latino Movement, the Counterculture Movement, and many more. These movements gained much of their momentum from solidarity on college campuses.


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