take back earth day

Here are a few photos from some cool Earth Day or Earth Week events that students hosted on campuses this past week!

Central Michigan University students ended their Earth Week with a block party hosted by Take Back the Tap and Campus Grow. Students spent the day outside volunteering at the campus garden and listening to some local artists.

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On Earth Day 2013, April 22nd at noon, students from USF Tampa's Student Environmental Association gathered for a Divestment Workshop Teach-In. Kevin Blossfeld of the St. Petersburg USF campus and a journalist of the campus paper, The Oracle, joined the meeting as well. While invitations had been sent to many administrators and offices of the Tampa campus to join them in the president's conference room in the Patel Center for Global Solutions, none attended this meeting.

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Join Green For All and the League of Young Voters Education Fund for #EarthDayLive. #EarthDayLive is a 2-hour live broadcast featuring some of the most innovative people, projects and organizations working to protect the environment and create opportunities for all communities. Featuring music, videos, and live interviews, it will be an engaging look at the problems our communities face, and the people creating the most effective solutions. You can tune in here from 3-5pm ET.

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Today is Earth Day, but this year the usual corporate greenwashing and symbolic gestures aren’t going to cut it. This year, we’re taking it back.

Students on dozens of campuses are organizing Take Back Earth Day events to demand their colleges and universities address the climate crisis with more than just words. At the same time, a movement-wide coalition is pushing on the national level by flooding the State Department with over 1 million public comments against the disastrous Keystone XL Pipeline.

#TakeBackEarthDay: Join the students taking action across the country by demanding the Obama Administration reject Keystone XL!


Whether it’s your administration on campus or the administration in Washington, we’ve got to hold our leaders accountable to their climate commitments, and push them to make a clean break from big polluters: divesting from fossil fuels and moving to 100% clean energy.

That’s what Earth Day needs to be about.

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This Earth Day, on campuses across the country students are demanding their campuses take bold action on climate by divesting from fossil fuels and moving to clean energy.

Students and universities are leading the fight against climate change. Thanks to years of student organizing, over 700 campuses have committed to carbon neutrality or have made some kind of commitment around climate change.

Yet - campuses continue to support dirty energy that is fueling the climate crisis, and making people sick. Students must stand in solidarity with communities being impacted by climate change and dirty energy, and demand that our campuses clean up their act.

What will you do to Take Back Earth Day? Check out our new video and put your campus on the map!

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