Power Shift 2011

The Campaigns

In 2011, our 10,000 participants will engage in an extensive 2 day boot camp in critical campaign areas:

  • Catalyzing the Clean Energy Economy
    Building the ground force for clean tech growth and job creation.
  • Campus Climate Challenge 2.0
    Transforming higher education into the innovation hub for a clean energy society.
  • Beyond Dirty Energy
    Campaign to fight for the rights of every community to have access to clean air and water, healthy food and an EPA that’s allowed to do its job.

Our Power Shift 2011 “training boot camp” will yield 10,000 leaders, equipped with the game plans, tools, and strategies to WIN on the frontlines of every community across this country.

The collective consumer power, political power, and opinion power of this generation cannot be ignored. As the largest and most diverse generation in American History we don’t only have the ability to shift this entire conversation; we have the obligation to do so.

The Moment

Over the course of history, some of the most transformative movements were lead by the courage of our nation’s youth. Young people who were not afraid to speak truth to power, to sacrifice and demonstrate their commitment to changes that seemed impossible to previous generations. We are ready to lead our country to a clean energy future.

Power Shift 2011 marks a turning point for the youth climate movement – a departure from a role in the chorus of advocates simply calling for change, and an emergence into a position of leadership; demanding real change on energy and climate and refusing to stop until it is achieved.

The Mission

Plain and simple: Power Shift 2011 is a mission to recruit 10,000 youth leaders from every walk of life to be on the front lines in the fight for a clean energy future.

We are moving far beyond the pursuit of building a crowd for a weekend conference. Power Shift 2011 attendees – young faith leaders, entrepreneurs, student government leaders, social justice advocates and blue-collar workers – are signing up for the launch of critical, focused, and strategic campaign efforts in their communities.

Each participant will head to Power Shift not only as an individual committed to seeing political change, but as an activist and leader eager to build the specific skill set required to return and lead their community towards tangible and visible change over the course of the next two years.

Issuing A Challenge

As the largest generation in American history, we are ready to build the green economy city by city, to transform higher education, to join forces on the ground with our religious and local community leaders so together we can build the future we know is essential for our long term success as a nation.

We will use Power Shift 2011 as an opportunity to issue a real challenge to the powers that decide the destiny of our nation. The Millenial Generation will be screaming from the rooftops, wind turbines and solar manufacturing facilities across our country that we demand nothing less than real solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges.

Are you ready to join us at this most critical hour?