Fossil Fools Day 2012

Fossil Fools Day 2012

The votes are in, the ballots are counted, and we are excited to announce the winners of this year’s Fossil Fools Day awards!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for: taking home top honors for Biggest Fossil Fool of the 1% is [envelope, please]… TransCanada CEO Russ Girling!

 Russ Girling, TransCanada (Fossil Fools Day 2012)

It was a close vote, and the runners up will not go away empty handed. We are proud to award “Top Fossil Fool in a Supporting Role” to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan for his performance as #1 financier of the U.S. coal industry, and “Top Special Effects” goes to Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy, for the flaming tap water and earthquakes caused by his advocacy for shale gas fracking.

These corporate polluters are some of the biggest in the world, so we’re going to need a lot of people to come together to take them on. Sign up using the form ro the right and share this with a friend to ask them to join you in action

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Russ Girling, TransCanada

  • Mastermind of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, a dirty and dangerous pipeline that would run from Canada to the Gulf threatening communities with spills and toxic pollution.
  • Keystone XL would pipe tar sands oil to the Gulf Coast where it would be exported overseas without paying U.S. taxes [Source].

Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake Energy

  • Leading proponent of fracking, a dangerous form of gas drilling that is impacting communities with spills & toxic chemicals.
  • Chesapeake Energy is the largest leaseholder in the U.S., owning the drilling right to some 15 million acres, financed by junk bonds and shady financial practices [Source].

Steven Leer, Arch Coal

  • Arch Coal is the second largest supplier of coal in the U.S., and uses mountaintop removal mining (MTR) destroying countless mountain and communities.
  • Arch Coal is currently pursuing MTR mining on Blair Mountain, a historic site of the labor movement [Source].

Jim Rogers, Duke Energy

  • Duke Energy is one of the largest utilities in the country; pollution from their coal-fired power plans cause: 1,447 heart attacks, 15,714 cases of asthma and 951 prematures deaths per year [Source].
  • From 2008-2010, Duke Energy paid $0 in taxes, despite making $5.4 billion in profits and receiving $216 million in tax rebates [Source]. 

Bob Dudley, British Petroleum (BP)

  • Responsible for the Gulf Coast drilling disaster, the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.
  • Took a $10 billion tax credit for the clean up of the Gulf, forcing American taxpayers to pay for the cost of cleaning up their mess [Source].

Brian Moynihan, Bank of America

  • Bank of America is the #1 financier of the U.S. coal industry, providing more than $4.3 billion in coal finance in the past two years [Source].
  • Bank of America is the #1 forecloser of American homes