Frontlines to Power Run for Office Training Program

Power Shift training for young climate leaders

Frontlines to Power is a training program to help prepare young climate leaders of color and from frontline communities to run for local office.

The Power Shift Network is committed to empowering youth from economically, environmentally, and politically marginalized communities at the frontlines of the climate crisis to become advocates for their own futures.

For too long, these very communities have been left out of our democracy, which has led to a lack of meaningful action to address climate change and environmental destruction. It is time for our democracy to be powered by people who, because of their lived experience, recognize the urgency to act on climate and advance environmental, economic and racial justice.

About the Frontlines to Power Program

Frontlines to Power is a multifaceted program designed to support and prepare our cohort of young climate leaders to run for elected office. The program includes three key components:

  • Run for local office training: The program will consist of a 6-part training series from October 2017 to April 2018 (roughly 1 training per month). Two of the trainings will take place in person and the rest will be through webinar. Trainings are cost-free to the cohort and PSN can cover housing and transportation expenses. You can view the training topics and calendar here.

  • Mentorship: We know how important it is for young people to build relationships with leaders who they can identify with in their careers of interest. This program will provide opportunities to meet and learn from young public officials who have worked to advance climate and environmental justice.

  • National solidarity: Accepted applicants will be part of a cohort of 10-15 young climate leaders from around the country interested in running for office. The purpose of the cohort is to create a support network for our young leaders to learn from and inspire each other during their journey of community leadership.

Young climate leaders at Power Shift West 2016

What do we look for in a cohort member?

  • Age 35 and under

  • Commitment to advancing environmental, economic and racial justice

  • Record of community leadership

  • Preference for those considering running for local office within the next 1-3 years

  • We strongly encourage people of color, people from frontline environmental communities, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, working class, and LGBTQ people to apply.

  • Applicants must not yet have declared candidacy for a specific office, and cannot do so during the duration of the program.

  • For the inaugural cohort, members must be able to attend all trainings including an in-person welcome session from Friday Oct. 20th - Sunday Oct 22nd. You can view the training topics and calendar here.

How do you apply for the Frontlines to Power cohort?

Applications for the Fall 2017 cohort have closed. Check this page within the next few months for application information for future sessions.