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Mission: Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy educates and empowers people to engage in solutions to climate change.

Vision: A sustainable and equitable future for all.

Equity Statement: Climate Generation understands that climate change is a highly complex issue and that just and equitable solutions cannot be found if we proceed with the climate science and policy lens alone. We must take a comprehensive perspective of climate change impacts and solutions if we are to reach our goal and create the future we want to live in. We are committed to addressing the intersection of climate change and economic, social, and racial disparities, and working closely with partners who understand this interface.

Our Emerging Leaders Youth Program works locally and across the Midwest to build youth capacity, facilitate shared skills and strategies, and foster coordinated action on climate change solutions. Our YEA! MN program is home to a robust network of high school student clubs across the Twin Cities, empowering youth leadership on climate change solutions through climate policy and activism opportunities. We work closely with regional and national youth climate organizations to convene key youth leaders across the Midwest through the Midwest Youth Caucus. Our Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program connects youth climate leaders and veteran staff across the Midwest in strategic relationships aimed at building cross-generational collaboration to unlock innovation and movement growth.

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  • Helped secure funding for eight key Midwest youth climate orgs via the RE-AMP network
  • Have been a major driver in building a unified Midwest Youth Climate Coalition
  • Directly engage and empower high school students in the wider youth climate movement

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