Organize a Flashmob to Make BP Pay

Today marks one year since the BP Drilling Disaster began — BP still hasn’t cleaned up its mess, the Gulf is suffering, and BP continues to get away with tax dodging.

Cherri FoytlinAt Power Shift we heard from Cherri Foytlin, a Gulf Coast resident that just completed an incredible walk from Louisiana to DC to call attention to the Gulf. Coming out of Power Shift we have incredible momentum, and hundreds have signed up to stand in solidarity. Read Cherri’s call to action below and join them.

Hey Power Shift,

This week, I came to Power Shift 2011 from 1,243 miles away. I know the exact number of miles, because I walked them.

I walked to DC to send a message to President Obama and Congress: it’s time to make BP pay and fully restore the Gulf Coast.

Today, the BP oil disaster has been going on for one full year. Oil continues to show up on our shores, families are still out of work, wildlife is still washing up dead, and we are facing a growing health crisis.

On Monday, I was one of 5,000 people who demanded that BP stops lying, stop dodging taxes, and pay what they owe to clean up and restore the Gulf Coast.

Please join me and spread this action nationwide with flashmobs today at BP stations across the country — just like the one that took over a Washington, DC BP station this Sunday.If you believe people deserve clean air and clean water as a human right, stand with me. If you think it is time to rein in big corporations that pollute our communities and endanger our health, stand with me. If you were moved by images you saw of struggling fishermen, dead dolphins, or oiled marshes when the BP disaster began, stand with me. Take action, because believe me, the BP disaster is still going on today.

I, and the whole Gulf Coast, need your help to make BP pay — join me and Power Shifters nationwide by hosting a flashmob at a BP station near you.

Sign up to rally at a BP station today!

What makes April 20th, a day when 11 men lost their lives one year ago, all the more difficult is that BP isn’t paying for what they did. In fact, they dodged $10 billion in taxes this year. BP’s brazen disregard is stunning — but not surprising.

But while they’ve got money, we’ve got people on our side — and flashmobs are a great way to turn them out. Flashmobs are a fun and easy way to take action, and they are sure way to demand attention and action. There are lots of resources on the Power Shift website, so it is super easy to organize an action in just a few hours.

Check out the flashmob toolkit and register an action now!

My journey to DC and the Power Shift conference may be over, but the action that they inspired across the country is just getting started. Together, our movement can be strong enough to topple the deadly influence that big polluters have over our elected officials. With your help, we can restore the Gulf Coast and hold BP accountable. Let’s not waste any time — see you in the streets.

Cherri Foytlin

If you can’t join a flashmob in person, join one online!

This afternoon Facebook is hosting a townhall with President Obama — let’s flood the townhall with questions on how President Obama is holding BP accountable for their mess.

The online townhall starts at 4:45 ET, but submit your question now. Write it on the wall now, and then tune in later this afternoon.

Sample Questions

  1. One-year into the BP Drilling Disaster, oil is still washing up on shore, and the Gulf is still suffering - how will you hold BP accountable for paying for the full clean up and restoration of the Gulf?
  2. One-year into the BP Drilling Disaster, and BP and Big Oil continue to receive massive government handouts - how will you break the stranglehold Big Oil has on our political system and shift these handouts to clean energy investments?

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