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I’m not one to talk about the science of climate change. I assume that at this point everyone has decided to lean into the reality of climate science - or has chosen to disengage and hope that things get better on their own. But as a recap of what we know: climate change is happening now; it’s driven by our consumptive, wasteful lifestyles, and an addiction to fossil fuels; and, the fossil fuel industry has a both an incredible amount of power and an economic interest in our world holding on to our fossil fuel dependence.

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This morning, 1000s of people flooded Wall Street (with youth showing up strong!), creating a human sea to match the rising waters that Wall Street funds with their massive investments in fossil fuel industry.

We showed up at #FloodWallStreet, expressing opposition to tar sands exploitation in Minnesota, demanding justice and safety from rising waters in the Rockaways of New York, and visioning for a just transition to clean energy in the Southeast  -- and we recognize that these fights are all united through the capitalist, oppressive system that dominates our society.

As I write this, people are still everywhere in the financial district after 5+ hours of occupying several blocks of Wall Street. Check out a few of the amazing photos and visit for more!

674 And we’re off! Start of our trek from Battery Park to Wall Street. Photo by Flood Wall Street / Flickr.

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