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Monday night’s Keystone XL protest vigils were nothing short of incredible. At over 280 vigils from coast-to-coast, we saw thousands of people turn out in the cold and snow to show their resolve that this dirty and dangerous pipeline must be rejected.

But our work is not done. As you’ve probably heard, the State Department just released its final environmental review, kicking off a final 90-day stretch for people power to fight back.

Demand President Obama and John Kerry reject Keystone XL — help launch the People’s Review.

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257 4,200 people dead. 3 million people displaced. 494,611 homes damaged or destroyed.

These are the staggering numbers coming out of the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan — and a sobering reminder that it is the global poor, and Global South in particular, who bear the deadly brunt of our climate destruction.

We cannot let this be our climate legacy.

Today and tomorrow, people around the world will come together at vigils to stand with the victims and survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, and demand climate justice at the UN climate talks happening right now in Warsaw, Poland.

Can you share this on Facebook and help build strong turnout for these vigils?

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Dear friends,

Thank you for joining us in Pittsburgh on October 18-21 for Power Shift 2013. By taking part you helped create an historic convergence and sustain the broader climate movement on campuses and in communities nationwide. We made substantial progress towards a movement of solidarity that is focused on building power across different struggles, celebrates a diversity of tactics, and elevates grassroots change-makers from the frontline. We found Power Shift 2013 to be an occasion for extraordinary shared learning and mobilization in the fight for climate justice.

After Power Shift, many of you shared your thoughts, whether publicly, through direct dialogue with EAC, or via this survey, about what went well and what could have been done differently. If you have not yet shared your views, we hope you will take a moment to fill out the survey. In this letter, our Coalition seeks to share some initial reflections, responses, and important next steps with you, based on what we have heard thus far.

The climate stays in crisis because our government and economic institutions willfully ignore the feedback we are receiving from Mother Earth. They ignore this feedback because it is disruptive to business as usual. If we are going to realize our potential as a movement for climate justice, we must take a lesson from this. To have any hope of building together, it is vital that we listen to challenging feedback that pushes us to grow stronger and more effective.

Energy Action Coalition: Who We Are

Those of us putting forth these reflections are a number of the Energy Action Coalition partners that voted to host Power Shift 2013, the volunteer Power Shift 2013 Coordination Team, EAC Central Staff, and the EAC Board of Directors. We include youth arms of large mainstream environmental groups, youth-led environmental organizations, environmental justice organizations, and green economy organizations. This letter has been developed collaboratively, with contributions from many partners of our coalition.

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