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By Julia Fritz-Endres, MN350

On a bright summer morning in downtown St. Paul, there was a sense of hope in the air. The day was June 29, the fourth and final day the Public Utilities Commission would discuss the Line 3 pipeline replacement project before making their decision. They held the power to grant or deny a Certificate of a Need and Route Permit for the project.

I was newly interning with MN350, an environmental non-profit focused on fighting climate change. I had joined the “Pipeline Resistance” arm of MN350 just a few days before and was just beginning to understand the breadth of the resistance movement. For over five years, environmental advocacy groups, indigenous leaders, religious groups, and countless others have opposed the pipeline through every legal avenue available to them, building a vast network of fighters. [ Read More... ]

Trainings are a critical part of our movement. As young organizers working toward the huge vision that is climate justice, we know that we need training to succeed. We often experience frustration, disempowerment, and confusion when we try to do our work without a baseline of theory and skills from which we can start or return. We also find it difficult to thrive in the midst of the non-profit industrial complex that perpetually suggests that competition is key to survival.

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The following is a guest post from Jamie Margolin, originally published on Refinery29:

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