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Organization: Energy Action Coalition
Location: Washington, DC

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372 On March 7, 1965 in Selma, Alabama police attacked six hundred peaceful protesters as they marched from Selma to Montgomery in Alabama protesting the murder of Jimmie Jackson. The power of the protesters on this day and the image of their courage amidst the brutality of those police officers are etched in the memory of the fight for Civil Rights.  But more importantly it is a memory and act that provides the foundation for uprisings that we see taking place around the world right now, even if you don’t know it.

Today I marched with protesters against KXL to the State Department as I did on March 2 with XL Dissent to the White House, there were no dogs or hostile police, but the urgency of what we were marching for, the message that we were carrying to President Obama and Secretary Kerry to Reject KXL reminded me of those 600 peaceful courageous people standing up and marching forward to be seen and to be heard to change the world that they lived in to be better.

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Recently I participated on a panel with Clive Hamilton, author of “Earthmasters,” at American University hosted by Washington Geoengineering Consortium www.dcgeoconsortium.org, we discussed geoengineering and environmental justice. Before the panel discussion Mr. Hamilton lectured on his book and ended his comments with a question, “Why are the Environmental Justice NGOs not a part of the conversation on geoengineering?”

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343 Twenty years ago today, President Clinton signed Executive Order 12898. This landmark victory for the Environmental Justice movement was the first serious action to address environmental justice at the federal level -- requiring federal agencies to stop minority and low-income populations from being dumped on, polluted on, and incinerated on “disproportionately”.

But does the Order do enough?

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