Tyler Offerman

Organization: Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition
Location: Lexington, KY

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263 Jim Miller, dupont Manual High School student and KSEC member getting petition signatures for Renewable Energy legislation in KYKentucky has long been known as an energy producing state, since coal was discovered here in 1750. That means that Kentucky started to produce energy that fueled our nation's growth since before our nation even existed! But for some time now, our state's energy economy has been stumbling and failing to deliver a healthy and robust economy with jobs that benefit our communities and environment.

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The South is the front-line and Florida is being targeted by every politician and fossil fuel industry you could think of trying to use Florida for their own agenda's. But youth are refusing to no longer be heard. Last weekend, youth from across the Southeast converged on Tallahassee, Florida for the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference. We met, planned, and acted to end the death-grip of fossil fuels in the South; teaching and learning from each other and marching on the Florida Supreme Court and Florida Capital Building to show that the youth voice and the youth vote is more important than ever. We have been working tirelessly to register voters in the face of unprecedented voter suppression laws, fighting the very real reality of a new era of Jim Crow Laws in the South. We are also still trying to rebuild our communities; because no matter what the media tells you, there is still oil on our shores, still neighborhoods desolate and polluted since Katrina, still people dying for our energy whims. But still we endure, the youth of the South. Between our shoulders we carry the weigh of our Southern heritage, the force of oppression of our communities by fossil fuel monopolies, the strain of unprecedented voter suppression, and our obligations to family, friends, and, finally, ourselves.

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