Whit Jones

School: Carleton College
Organization: Energy Action Coalition
Location: Washington, DC
Interest Area: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Whit Jones's Posts

53 As our movement gets ready to flood Pittsburgh for Power Shift 2013 on Friday, there’s a critical campaign underway to provide relief and justice to communities that have already been impacted by fracking in the region.

Communities in Dimock, PA, Pavillion, WY and Parker County, TX have had their water contaminated by fracking, and the EPA has failed them — dropping its investigations and leaving them without clean water.

So today we want to lend our support and raise money to provide clean water to families in Pennsylvania who have had their water poisoned by fracking.

We’re working with our friends and allies to kick-off a Clean Water Mob — a major push to raise money to deliver fresh water to communities impacted by fracking AND to raise the demand for the EPA to take real action.

Join the Clean Water Mob: Help deliver clean water to families impacted by fracking!

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At Bonnaroo, the nation’s biggest music festival, a new wave of organizing set-off to call on President Obama to reject the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

And it couldn’t have been happening at a more important time: just this last Tuesday President Obama addressed Keystone XL in his climate speech, saying that Keystone XL must be rejected if it “significantly exacerbates climate change.”

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This Earth Day, on campuses across the country students are demanding their campuses take bold action on climate by divesting from fossil fuels and moving to clean energy.

Students and universities are leading the fight against climate change. Thanks to years of student organizing, over 700 campuses have committed to carbon neutrality or have made some kind of commitment around climate change.

Yet - campuses continue to support dirty energy that is fueling the climate crisis, and making people sick. Students must stand in solidarity with communities being impacted by climate change and dirty energy, and demand that our campuses clean up their act.

What will you do to Take Back Earth Day? Check out our new video and put your campus on the map!

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