Angela Wiley

School: University of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Interest Area: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Angela Wiley's Posts

The challenge of our generation is to find solutions to climate disruption. As youth we have the task of ensuring that future generations can live in a just and sustainable world. We know that right now communities around the world are being affected by coal plants, gas pipelines and other impacts on the environment and human health. We are the voices of our home country, our communities, and a generation. Because of this we have traveled to Warsaw to call communities across the globe to build capacity and find local solutions to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

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Part I: Writer’s Block

 Never have I longed more for the power of telepathy between you and me, dear reader. I would love for this screen to show you what I’m thinking in whatever way would entertain you best -- music video, poem, instrumental music, perhaps? In lieu of what would be an odd advancement in human communication, I will try to offer some pleasing words. What’s on my mind tonite is the concept of “beneficial use”, and how it affects both Little Blue Run Dam and the La Belle Coal Mine Dump. It might sound like it has to do with wonky environmental policy -- and it does! To me, though, it is so much more. Diving into the issue of beneficial use reveals a philosophy surrounding waste that is as fascinating as it could be dangerous. Recent research shows that this reality is not our only option -- but a power shift won’t arrive without a fight.

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