In less than a week, more than 10,000 young people from all around the United States, from across the globe will converge at the Powershift 2011 conference in Washington D.C.  I cannot express my excitement to be part of this historic event where we will truly have the opportunity to work together across groups, and across poltical boundaries to create the strong solutions to climate change that young and future generations are depending on.

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Now I know the following deals more with wildlife conservation, and not so much green energy...but. by taking part in this event and fighting for a green economy, it eases my worries about the natural world. Dirty energy is one of the leading causes of deforestation, destruction of other natural habitats, pollution of the skies and oceans, and the mass number of extinctions of non-human species.

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Hello from OHIO

April 9, 2011

Hello everyone, my name is Jerry O'Brien, and I would like to extend a handshake, a hug, a nodding of the head from Ohio. This will be my first time attending such an event, especially one of this magnitude. I guess you could say it's kind of intimidating...meeting thousands upon thousands of like mined idividuals around your age...don't get me wrong, it is pretty epic, but I have had a hard time of it, finding such people here in Ohio, we are kind of a minority, especially those of us who want to take action.

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Hey PowerShifters!

Joshnon State College is heading down to PowerShift in the Solar Bus!  This is a converted school bus that runs on veggie oil and has solar panels to power everything we do.  The bus should be set up near the conference center if anyone wants to stop by and check it out.  We will be "live blogging" on the way down and during the conference too, on the Solar Bus facebook page.  Check in there and virtually ride with us down to PowerShift and check on us!

See you all at the conference!

Gary Beckwith

Solar Bus Driver

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We are gaining ground, when people are moving to individual sustainability in respecting the bio diversity of our surondings, being very concious of what we are doing how we use all our natural resources. Let us keep the fight on with awarness and grow the green conciousness in every culture, to do this in droves = we are making progress to a clean energy society.   by: Aleq Boyle, The Green Republican. (Our anual convention is held in one hybrid car next year let us fill a hybrid buss!)  

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At 5pm, on April 9, a diverse coalition of 200 high school and college youth leaders in central New York will rally from the Ithaca Commons to the Tompkins County courthouse lip-dub style to present to the Ithaca City Mayor Peterson, other elected officials, and candidates for mayor signed petitions demanding an 80% cut in greenhouse gasses by 2050 and a just and sustainable community.

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It's the final day of the UN Climate Talks in Bangkok and the buzz here isn't about the progress being made on a global treaty (not much), but about Power Shift.

Well, ok, to be honest, most delegates probably don't know about the conference coming up in DC next weekend, but if all goes well, they will soon. After all, when it comes to saving the planet, the discussions and work that goes on in DC at Power Shift will be just as essential as the debates raging here at the UN.

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Hey Everybody,
You might know that i've been working to help young people from Kentucky and West Virginia come to Power Shift, the largest youth conference on environmental organizing in the world.

There are so many amazing environmental bad asses in Appalachia  that would love to come if it wasn't for one thing...Money.

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I am having problems viewing the workshops I have chosen to add to my schedule. Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone had this problem and resolved it? Thanks for your help. 



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April 6, 2011
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