Guest Post by Claire Still, Power Shift Recruitment Team

The University of Arizona and Arizona State University have a long standing rivalry. In everything from athletics to academics -- you name it -- the two schools compete for the top. Now, coordinators at both campuses have made Power Shift their most recent contest.

Both schools originally set a goal of registering 20 people for the conference, but that number didn't last for long. As soon as students at the University of Arizona heard about Arizona State University's goals, they sent U of A a challenge. "Tell ASU that U of A is going to get whatever ASU registers, plus one," they said.

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I have had the great opportunity to be a member of the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC). At our statewide leadership retreat we developed tactics for organizing for Power Shift 2011. Our amazing campaign director, Gabe Elsner wrote a sample letter to assist with fundraising.

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